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Boost Controllers
Increasing Boost is one of the simplest ways to pump up the power!
  • Manual Boost Controllers
  • Electronic Boost Controllers

  • Engine Mgt.
    Gain control of the three most import factors for MORE POWER...Boost, Timing/Ignition, and Air/Fuel delivery!

    Gauge Pods
    Need a place for the gauges? Check out our Gauge Pods.

    Gauges are a critical part of tuning your vehicle. They are also monitor the health of your vehicle.

    Turbo Timers
    Premature Turbo Failure can occur without proper cooling (i.e. turning off your motor immediately after its been driven hard). Turbo Timers safely keep your motor running so your turbo can coold down properly.

    Wide & Narrow Bands
    What is a wideband O2? A wideband O2 reads air/fuel via its own O2 sensor that you install in your exhaust (you either need to weld in a bung, or some aftermarket systems such as Turbo XS have additional ports for them). The difference between a wideband O2 and narrow-band O2 (Autometer, Defi, etc.) is that the sensor reads from 0-5 volts rather than 0-1, giving you a much clearer view of your air/fuel instead of the light show afforded by narrow-band gauges.

    TurboXS Fuel Cut Defender
    $ 119.95
    Fitment: Universal

    Finally a fuel cut defender that you don't have to hit fuel cut to adjust.

    Completely universal, this device allows you to raise your over-boost fuel cut so you can boost to your hearts content. While many devices...(MORE)

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    We are pleased to announce the release of 3-New Willwood Big Brake Kits for Subaru

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