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Perrin Fuel Rail System Side Feed

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  • 2004-2006 STi
  • 2005-2006 Legacy GT
  • 2004-2006 Forester XT

  • "Subaru's Turbochaged Boxer is famous for leaning out cyl. # 3"

    The Stock Fuel rails and lines allow more fuel and pressture to be distributed to other cylinders...while cylinder 3 runs lean...possibly leading to expensive repairs!

    As boost and power increase, the problem gets worse!.

    The Perrin Fuel Rail Kit solves all fuel distribution problems. This is done by redirecting fuel to both cylinder banks as well as to the regulator...achieving even fuel distribution toall cylinders!

    The Perrin fuel rails are specifically designed to retain correct fuel injector alignment. This is a critical part of our fuel rail design.

    The factory fuel injectors have individual holes through which fuel is sprayed into the intake manifold. Resting directly below the fuel injector is a metal wall which splits incoming air into two intake ports for each cylinder. Each injector sprays fuel into two intake ports. The factory fuel injector spray pattern aims 6 spray jets to the left side cylinder port and 6 to the right side cylinder port. This design creates a "V" spray pattern that divides up fuel evenly amongst the ports.

    Another problem with the stock system is if the fuel injectors are not aligned correctly, the spray pattern will also be misaligned.

    The fuel will now be directed towards the cylinder port walls instead of into the air charge. Uneven distribution of the fuel into the cylinder and pour atomization will result.

    Under load poor performance and sporadic air fuel ratios may result...totally messing with your tuning efforts!

    The fuel rail kit :

    • 2 Billet Aluminum Rails
    • 1 Fuel Pressure Regulator Mount
    • Stainless Lines and Fittings

    If you are upgrading your injectors or using some sort of fuel management system, the Perrin Fuel Rail is for you!


    InstructionsInstallation Cost (AVG)
    Perrin Fuel Rail Installation.docApprox. $150 

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    Part Review Count: 2
    Average Overall Rating: 4.5

    February 7, 2005
    Reviewed byTaedom
    Price Paid$350.00
    Purchased Fromebay
    StrengthsNo leaks and does the job its suposed to,
    Car Set-upAPS Cold air intake, APS BOV, APS Turbo back exhaust 3in. APS unichip. APS high flow Y pipe behind the intercooler. It was the APS club spec kit. Car is fast but want to do stage 2.
    Overall Reviewgood product
    Overall Rating4

    August 1, 2005
    Reviewed bysleepeREX
    Price Paid$360.00
    Purchased Fromforget
    Strengthsgets fuel to that 3rd cylinder
    Car Set-upaem cold-air
    Overall Reviewa must need for aftermarket turbo, injectors, intercooler.
    Overall Rating5




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